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Aug 24, 2017

No Need to Get Tongue-Tied reveals top 10 most sought-after phrases travelers say they'd benefit from knowing in local translation during the first day of their trip

NEW YORK, August 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --


  • "What's the Wi-Fi password?" one of the top phrases travelers want to be able to use in the language of the destination they're visiting
  • assists travelers by translating the top 10 phrases into some of the most popular languages

Embracing vacations for what they typically stand for - switching off, relaxation and seeing the sights - doesn't appear to be the case for many travelers. When questioned over 18,000 people worldwide on what were the top phrases they'd want to know immediately in the language of the country they're visiting, results revealed that we're internet addicts, with "What's the Wi-Fi password?" one of the most popular.

The top 10 phrases most in demand are: 

  1. "What's the best way to get into town / downtown?" (46%)
  2. "What's the Wi-Fi password?" (43%)
  3. "What time is breakfast?" (41%)
  4. "Where can I get the best meal?" (40%)
  5. "Where's the bathroom?" (25%)
  6. "Bring me somewhere awesome" (22%)
  7. "I need coffee" (21%)                      
  8. "I can't remember my room number" (11%)
  9. "Can I request an early check in?" (11%)
  10. "Where's the closest pharmacy?" (10%)                                                          

When looking at gender preferences, we're a predictable bunch, with women far more likely than men to want to know where the bathroom is (29% of women to 21% of men), yet men are more interesting in knowing what time the bar opens (13% of men versus 7% of women)!

Empowering people to experience the world, has translated the top phrases into some key languages, to ensure travelers can successfully get their caffeine fix, find something great to eat and stay connected from the moment they arrive.

       English         Spanish           French          Italian

                                    Quel est le      Qual è il modo

    "What's the    ¿ Cuál es la      meilleur moyen   migliore per

    best way to    mejor manera de  de se rendre en  raggiungere la

    get into town  llegar al        ville / en       città/il centro

    / downtown?"   centro?          centre-ville ?   città?"

    "What's the    ¿ Cuál es la      Quel est le mot  "Qual è la

    Wi-Fi          contraseña del   de passe du      password del

    password?"     WiFi?            Wi-Fi            WiFi"

                                    À quelle heure

                                    est servi le

    "What time is  ¿ A qué hora es   petit-déjeuner   "A che ora è la

    breakfast?"    el desayuno?     ?                colazione?"

    "Where can I                                     "Qual è il

    get the best   ¿ Dónde se come   Où mange-t-on    posto migliore

    meal?"         mejor?           le mieux         per mangiare?"

    "Where's the   ¿ Dónde está el   Où sont les      "Dov'è il

    bathroom?"     baño?            toilettes        bagno?"

    "Bring me                       Indiquez-moi un

    somewhere      Llévame a un     endroit          "Voglio vedere

    awesome"       lugar increíble  magnifique.      un bel posto"

    "I need        Necesito un      Il me faut un    "Ho bisogno di

    coffee"        café             café !           un caffè"

    "I can't       No recuerdo el   J'ai oublié mon  "Non ricordo il

    remember my    número de mi     numéro de        numero della

    room number    habitación       chambre.         mia camera"

    "Can I                                           "Vorrei

    request an     ¿ Podría hacer    Est-il possible  richiedere il

    early check    el check-in      d'arriver plus   check-in

    in?"           antes?           tôt ?            anticipato"

    "Where's the   ¿ Dónde está la   Où se trouve la  "Dov'è la

    closest        farmacia más     pharmacie la     farmacia più

    pharmacy?"     cercana?         plus proche ?    vicina?"


Research commissioned by and independently conducted among a nationally representative sample, provided by Research Now. In total 18,496 respondents were surveyed (1,000+ from the UK, US, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, India and Russia and 500+ each from Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Croatia, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Thailand and Taiwan). Respondents completed an online survey between 27th April and 15th May 2017.


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